Wireless Network Policy

Wireless Network Policy
The Livonia Public Library, in an effort to harmonize the rights and interests of its patrons with the rights and interests of City of Livonia employees who service those patrons, sets forth the following policy:
The Livonia Public Library Wireless Internet services are intended for information gathering. Users are responsible for any personal data transmitted over the unsecure wireless internet. Users put themselves at risk of criminal or civil liability when they use the Internet illegally in violation of local, state and/or federal law. Use of the Wireless Network contrary to this policy may subject a patron to loss of Wireless Network privileges, and/or ejection from the Livonia Public Library. These activities include, but are not restricted to:
Transmitting/accessing obscene materials.
Interfering with, disrupting, or destroying network users, services or equipment.
Computer fraud.
Distribution of unsolicited advertising or propaganda, or propagation of computer worms or viruses.
Hacking or spamming.
Infringement of copyright laws.
Wireless Network access is intended for use with Laptop computers, tablets and other handheld devices. It is against this policy to use a non-library desktop/personal computer on library premises without the specific consent of the Librarian-in-Charge at the time of use.
Failure to comply with the provisions of this statement may result in a loss of computer privileges.

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