New Internet Policy Takes Effect May 8th

Computer time with a library card 4 hours per day in one hour time blocks.
Computer time on a visitor pass 2 hours in one hour time blocks.
Limit of 1(ONE) visitor pass per patron per day.
ALL patrons requesting a visitor pass will be required to show a picture ID (Driver’s License, Student ID, State ID) before they are given the pass. If the patron does not have ID they will not be able to utilize the computers.* Local users who do not have a library card are encouraged to obtain one from the city in which they reside in order to maximize their allotted daily computer time.
*IF the patron has a library card in good standing, they must use their card. Staff will provide the patron with their library card number if they do not have their card with them.
**IF the patron has a card that is blocked because of fines, they must pay the fines down below the block threshold of $15 at the circulation desk in order to use library computers.
***Minors who are too young to have an ID are exceptions to this policy.