I can't log in to my account. What's wrong?

Since the switch to the new catalog, I can't get into my account.

The most likely problem is that in the old catalog system you used a password with letters or a combination of letters and numbers.
The new catalog accepts a combination of numbers 4-6 digits long.
If your password was not compatible with the new catalog (had letters in it), your PIN was changed to the last four digits of your phone number on record with us.
If you're still having difficulty, call the library and we will reset your PIN for you.

Keeping up with the Library via Email

If you give us your email address* we'll send you:
1. Check out receipts (you can still get a paper receipt if you like)
2. Date due reminders a few days in advance
3. Holds available notifications
4. A reminder when your card is about to expire

Call the library at 734-466-2491 to have your email address added to your account by a staff member.

5. Subscribe separately to our monthly e-newsletter to keep up with what's happening in the library using the form above.

*Of course, we never sell your email address or spam you.