Display Case Use Policy

As an educational and cultural institution and as part of its public service, the Livonia Public Library provides exhibit space for non-commercial displays of interest, information and enlightenment to the community.

The Library retains priority rights for use of display cases for library purposes but encourages non-profit organizations, community groups, individual or government agencies to provide displays whenever space is available.

Display cases provide a public forum in which to exhibit educational, cultural or charitable materials. Provision of space for a display does not indicate endorsement by the library.

The Library reserves the right to determine the acceptability of a display. Approval rests with a designated staff member or the Library Director.

The Library reserves the right to schedule displays and determine the frequency an individual or group may provide a display.

The Library assumes no liability in the event of damage, destruction or theft of a display.

Unless other arrangements are made, a display will be exhibited for one month.

Failure to dismantle a display by the agreed upon date may result in its removal by library staff.

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