Computer Use Policy

The Livonia Public Library, in an effort to harmonize the rights and interests of its patrons with the rights and interests of City of Livonia employees who service those patrons, sets forth the following policy:
I. Filtered, wired access to the internet is provided throughout the buildings; parents/guardians should be aware that the filtering software has inherent limitations which prohibit total and complete blocking of sites which may contain obscene, sexually explicit and/or other possibly objectionable materials. Parents/guardians, not Library staff members, are responsible for providing appropriate guidance to their children/wards relative to the use of both filtered and non-filtered (wireless) internet access.
It is the responsibility of a parent or legal guardian to decide what library resources are appropriate for their child.
II. Users with a Livonia or other "local" (TLN) library card will be able to use the internet by signing on with their own card. Individuals may NOT utilize library cards that do not belong to them. Doing so may result in suspension of internet privileges.
Users will be required to limit their sessions to the time determined by the library (1 hour) when all the other workstations are in use and other patrons are waiting. Users may continue their sessions beyond the time limit if there are available workstations for other patrons up to a maximum determined by the library. (4 hours per day, not necessarily consecutive, with library card).
Non-library card holders may obtain a "visitor pass" entitling them to 2 hours of internet use daily (not necessarily in consecutive sessions.).
III. Workstations may be reserved in advance through reference desk staff. If a user does not have their library card with them, a staff person will look up their account number if they supply proper ID (driver's license, state id, etc.)
IV. Users will be able to print documents from their workstations. Users must pay at the reference desk for their documents at a cost of 15 cents per page printed for black and white copies, 25 cents per page for color copies.
V. The Livonia Public Library Internet services are intended for information gathering. Users are responsible for any personal data transmitted over the public internet. Users put themselves at risk of criminal or civil liability when they use the Internet illegally, in violation of local, state and/or federal law. Use of our network and computers contrary to this policy may subject a patron to loss of computer privileges, and/or ejection from the Livonia Public Library. These activities include, but are not restricted to:
Transmitting/accessing obscene materials.
Interfering with, disrupting, or destroying network, users, services or equipment.
Engaging in disruptive behaviors; such as playing computer audio without using headphones or earbuds, talking on cell phones and speaking loudly.
Computer fraud.
Distribution of unsolicited advertising or propaganda, or propagation of computer worms or viruses.
Hacking or spamming.
Infringement of copyright laws.
VII. The staff of the Livonia Public Library cannot provide in-depth computer training or enter personal information for patrons, but will attempt to answer basic questions or help patrons locate resources on the Internet. Library staff can also provide information on where to get appropriate training.
IX. Failure to comply with the provisions of this policy may result in a loss of computer privileges.

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