Rules for Library Users

In general, the violation of any federal or state law, or local ordinance is regarded as a violation of library rules. Persons in apparent violation of such laws or ordinances are to be reported to the police by the highest ranking staff member present and legal action may be taken.
In general, Livonia City Ordinances forbid in all public places:
1. All sexual acts or sexually deviant behavior. (9.22.010 and 9.22.030)
2. Use of loud, obscene or abusive language. (9.24.010)
3. Use of controlled substances or their paraphernalia. (9.30.050)
4. Use of alcohol. (9.32.100)
5. Gambling, loitering, soliciting. (9.28.010)
6. Mutilation or damage of library materials, equipment or property. (2.76.080 and 9.56.060)
7. Leaving children unattended. (9.83.010)
8. Carrying weapons or other dangerous objects. (9.94.070)
9. Smoking (8.30.035)
10. Disorderly conduct (running, fighting, horseplay). (9.40.020)
Specifically, Article 2.76.070 of the Livonia City Ordinances permits the Library Commission to enforce specific rules of conduct:
1. No eating or drinking in public areas.
2. No placing feet on the furniture.
3. Shirts, shoes, and appropriate attire must be worn at all times.
4. No sleeping on library premises.
5. The use of private phones and pagers may not interfere with library use by patrons.
6. Headphones and earbuds are mandatory when listening to audio on the public library computers.
(This is to be posted at all library locations in a prominent spot visible to those who use the library and its services.)