About the Library

Livonia Public Library consists of four branches -- Alfred Noble, Carl Sandburg, Civic Center and Vest Pocket. Click here for hours and locations. The Library Director, Toni LaPorte, and the Library Commission administer all four branches.

Library Commission

Members of the Livonia Library Commission are appointed by the Mayor of Livonia. The Library Commission is an advisory group which advises the Mayor and the Library Director on matters affecting the Livonia Public Library and its card holders.

The term of office for each Commissioner is three years, appointed until October 17 of indicated year. The current roster includes:

President Cathy Condon 2018
Vice-President Donna Anagnostou 2017
Secretary Diane Policelli 2017
Treasurer Christine McQuiston 2019
Dawn Borregard 2017
Ex-officio Library Director Toni LaPorte

The Library Commission meetings are open to the public. Commission meets the third or fourth Monday of the month at 4pm

2017 Dates
January 23 May 15 September 18
February 20 June 19 October 16
March 20 July 17 November 20
April 17 August 21 December 18

Mission Statement

The Livonia Library Commission will maintain an attractively housed, financially-sound, publicly responsive, full-service library system as originally conceived and planned by City officials and professional librarians and historically supported by the community at large.

The Livonia Public Library system will provide its patrons ready access to information regardless of format, whether in print, sound recording, video recording, or state-of-the-art electronic device. Information will be presented using special programs and quality reference services provided by adequate numbers of educated and well-trained employees.

Library programs and services will be designed to meet a wide variety of educational, informational, cultural, recreational and business-related needs in a rapidly changing society. These programs and services will strive to meet the needs of children, youth, young adults, adults and seniors. The Library will continue to recognize the need to overcome operational and physical limitations that individuals encounter as they use its services and programs.

Adopted by the Livonia Library Commission at its Regular Meeting of November 21, 1994, Resolution #31-94.